It all began with an alarming article in our local newspaper.

It was January 6, 2012 to be exact — announcing that federal grant money used to maintain and improve southern New Hampshire’s recreational trails had been cut for the year, and possibly for good. Like many in the Monadnock region, we were concerned that, over time, locals and visitors alike wouldn’t be able to fully access and enjoy our state’s natural beauty.

We decided to do something about it. HikeMonadnock.com is the result.

Within six months of this unsettling news, our company was founded. From the beginning, we had a clear purpose — to not only run a good business, but also a business that does good. It’s that simple — and hopefully that impactful.

Made in the USA matters to us.

We’re committed to making a difference at every level of our business. That’s why every product from HikeMonadnock.com is proudly made in the USA from the highest quality materials — because we know that our back yard, and how we do things, extends well beyond this little corner of New England.

We hope you enjoy your HikeMonadnock.com shopping experience.

We’re dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable, convenient shopping experience backed by superior customer service. Tell us what you think, tell your friends — but most of all, come hike New Hampshire’s beautiful Monadnock region. You’ll be glad you did!

~ Ann Dea and Joe Whippen ~